Smart Mirror

by Marcus Martini

the entire features

a smart mirror for a smarter world

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up to date

with the calendar feed you will never forget the following apointments.

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weather forecast

allways know what to wear in the morninig.

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RSS feed

receive the latest news with your favorite RSS feed

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easy set up

the smart mirror is easy to set up with a comfortable user interface.

support me

I am grateful for any support.
Pleasy give me feedback, inspiration, motivation or also mony.

To make this mirror perfect i still need to resolve any problems.
The main problem is still to find the right display behind the mirror.
The display should has a very deep black and high angle view and should have a acceptable price. If you now a display with this requirements pleas write me. I am also happy if you have a display to donate me. You can also support me with you donation by paypal.

Let me also now what you will pay,
if the mirror has the sice of 60 cm x 35 cm.


the pictures let you introduce how the mirror will look
this is a first unprofessional shot

You see one of the three main information feeds, the calendar, weather and compliments feed. Later when the mirror becoms final i will make better pictures.


naturally, glas, and smartness


a clean fsc wooden frame


just a regular one way mirror, which will work best in light rooms.

the smartness

inside the mirror is working a raspberry pi wich serve you all the informations to start you day smart as possible.


each mirror is made with love.

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